iPad Pro 2020 launch, learn features and price

iPad Pro 2020 launch, learn features and price


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iPad Pro 2020 launch, learn features and price

  1. iPad Pro 2020 launch, learn features and price. 

iPad Pro
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iPad Pro 2020 launch, learn features and price
The 12.9 inch screen variant of the iPad Pro 2020 model costs Rs 89,900.

iPad Pro Special things
IPad Pro 2020 model comes with trackpad
The new iPad Pro's starting price is Rs 71,900
No announcement of date of making iPad Pro 2020 available in India
Apple has launched its new iPad Pro model with LiDAR scanner. It brings trackpad support to iPadOS. Apple says that their new iPad Pro is 'more powerful than a Window PC laptop'. This Cupertino company says that this iPad has trackpad support, this feature will be available with iPadOS 13.4. This new iPad Pro model comes with a liquid retina display and includes the company's A12Z Bionic chipset. Apple's iPad Pro 2020 model comes in 11 inch and 12.9 inch display sizes.
iPad Pro 
The iPad Pro model 2020 comes with a new Magic Keyboard, which will give this iPad a laptop-like working experience. For the first time, an iPad keyboard uses the new laptop trackpad feature. However, Magic Keyboard will not be made available until May this year.

Apple will release iPadOS 13.4 on March 24. This trackpad support feature will work on all new iPad Pro models, including the iPad Air 2, iPad fifth-generation, and iPad mini 4.

Apple has introduced a triple rear camera system in its new iPad Pro model, but with a twist. Its third sensor is LiDAR, used for depth and AR. The iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 10-megapixel ultra wide camera and a third LiDAR sensor.

The company says that in the new iPad Pro model, the LiDAR scanner can measure the distance of surrounding objects up to 5 meters. The company believes that with the help of this scanner, the iPad AR experience will reach a new level.

Apple's new iPad Pro model is equipped with the A12Z Bionic processor. The company claims that this chipset is capable of editing 4K video, designing 3D models and many more. Apart from this, the company also claims that the iPad Pro model will provide 10 hours of battery life and fast Wi-Fi connectivity. At the same time, this model will come with five studio-quality microphones.

The iPad Pro model with 11 inch screen is priced at Rs 71,900, while the 12.9 inch screen variant costs Rs 89,900. Currently, these iPads will be available online in the US, but they can be purchased from stores starting next week. However, when will the iPad Pro 2020 model be available in India? No information has been revealed yet.

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