Ramanand Sagar's unheard things about Ramayan

Ramanand Sagar's unheard things about Ramayan


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Ramanand Sagar's unheard things about Ramayan
Ramanand Sagar's unheard things about Ramayan

            Director Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana, which used to be the most popular show of Doordarshan channel in 1987. Now in the lockdown caused by Coronavius, this legendary show is once again entertaining the viewers on TV. At the same time, since the show is being shown on the National Channel, people associated with this show have come into the discussion. Viewers want to know about the characters of the show and the stories related to them. Due to this, in this special story of today, we are going to tell you some stories related to Ramayana which you have not heard about yet.
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        In the Ramayana of Ramanand Sagar, Arvind Trivedi, who became famous from house to house as the character of Ravana, was truly considered Ravana, so when the show killed Ravana, mourning was done in the whole village of Arvind. Not only this, Ravana's character left such a deep impression on the audience that people started calling his children Ravana's child and wife by the name of Mandodari.


When this serial became super hit, then sadhus and saints used to come and go often in Ramanand Sagar's house and Natraj Studio. This was revealed by Prem Sagar, son of Ramanand Sagar himself. He told that once a monk told his father that you are making Ramayana, what are you worried about? This public is a planning department, work where you are and then come back.


At the same time, we had to shoot in Chennai to film the sea scene in the Ramayana because there was no clear water found anywhere else. For which the entire unit of the film went for shooting in Chennai.

Its first telecast episode, which aired on January 24, 1987, was watched by 40 million people. At that time Ramayana has been shown not only in India but in 53 different countries, if the news is to be believed, Ramayan was seen by more than 650 million viewers all over the world and that is why this serial of Ramanand Sagar was the most watched in the whole world. The legendary show had become known. According to a report, Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana gave a revenue of Rs 23 crore to Doordarshan channel through its first telecast.

With this, do you all know that all the actors of this show were asked to eat satvik food. A contract was signed that the people associated with the show could neither eat non-veg nor consume alcohol and cigarettes till the completion of shooting. Only vegetarian food was made everyday for a large team of 150 people.

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